About KARO

Kentuckiana Animal Rescue Organization is a non-profit, all-breed organization with a mission to rescue stray and homeless animals. Our volunteers are extremely passionate about improving the lives of animals and even foster homeless animals in their own homes, providing them with the love and care they need to be happy pets, prior to finding their forever home.

At KARO, we also treat animals with special needs and do our best to rehabilitate them so that they may live fulfilling, content lives. Though our focus is mainly centered around homeless dogs and puppies rescued from high-kill shelters, KARO is dedicated to saving the lives of all stray and homeless domesticated animals.

Due to economic downturn, many families are greatly feeling added financial stress, and in some cases are having trouble feeding and caring for their pets. KARO wants to help you keep your pet! Please contact us for more information on hardships.



Lisa Kron - President  ♥  Janie Hibbs - Vice President  ♥  Ashley Rowe - Secretary



Brenda Jones  ♥  Cierra Lacefield  ♥  Mark & Cindy Schneider  ♥  Dana Delancey  ♥  Yolanda Lovelace  ♥  Linda Marion  ♥  Beverley Woodring  ♥  Betty Thurman  ♥  Janet & Glenn Nutting


Help our list grow. Consider being a volunteer for KARO. 

If you would like to volunteer with KARO, please contact us at 812-306-1334 or [email protected]

The more volunteers we have, the more good we can do for animals!


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